Squaring the Education Pyramid Institute


STEPi's reason for being is to promote actions, products, and transformative dialogue that makes it so every child has choices when they reach maturity and is equipped to be happy, prosper, flourish, and thrive.

It seems that children, young mothers, and young families have no voice in our world. We wait to see who turned out well and then lavish education, opportunity, jobs, and resources on those who make it. We don't, it seems, as a society place a strong emphasis on creating strong vital, relevant, sustainable communities that look to the future by emphasizing the physical, emotional, relational, intellectual, and spiritual needs of our future generations. Children are the future. IQ or intelligence alone is not what solves the world’s problems and creates a peaceful world. Kind, compassionate, loving people infused with knowledge and wisdom are what will create a world where everyone can feel safe, loved, happy, and optimistic about the future. It's about feelings, too. It is not about giving lip service to the children’s needs – it’s about giving real resources and intentionally treating each child, no matter what their status, as equal in importance to other children.


The dark side of doing nothing:

Wars, terrorism and hate speech all have their roots in the behaviors of individuals who:

  • Were raised to live in fear, and not love
  • Were raised to live in ignorance and not "truth" [truth coming from curiosity, inquiry, discovery]
  • Were raised to feel unconnected and not "part of" the greater whole

Science proves, without a doubt, that those who see violence as an answer did not get the love and nurturing outlined in the 6 foundational factors as children. If you grow up with violence, hate, and fear, you learn violence, hate, and fear. It is much easier to develop a person’s heart and brain while the brain is still growing. In fact, 90% of the brain is formed by age 5 or 6, so our work must start with the young.


So what we do as a growth mindset – learning organization?

We create products and tools that promote and nurture emotional intelligence, relationship intelligence, cooperative intelligence, a love of learning, a growth mindset, and self-directed educational competencies (grit, persistence, optimism, executive functioning, knowledge, a love of learning, a desire to learn, creativity, curiosity, happiness, and resilience).


We accomplish this by focusing on the 6 Foundational Factors:


Create and maintain a culture of love and respect


Physical safety for the child and caregiver


Emotional safety for the child and caregiver


Connection to caring cooperative, loving, disciplined adults


Caregiver resilience and support


Caregiver education

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