Our manifesto


We are one; we can’t emphasize one limb of God’s creation over another if we wish to create a world of peace, compassion, justice, resilience, happiness, and thriving sustainability. It is not about the powerful and those less powerful, it is about including everyone and not excluding anyone based on beliefs, actions, race, social standing, education, net worth, communication skills, attractiveness, gender, age, race, parents, grandparents, family history, accent, physical abilities/disabilities, and such. Everyone has gifts. Everyone is part of God’s creation. We cannot create a hierarchy and place judgments on worthy/unworthy skills, attributes, and “gifts” if we are to create peace, compassion, justice, resilience, happiness, and thriving sustainability, a real utopia for everyone, where every child, every person can go to bed well fed, feeling safe, loved, connected, and optimistic about tomorrow.

When you know better, you do better.

- Maya Angelou
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