What we stand for


"Only by thinking long-term about education, can we get the short-term right through early childhood development and parenting skills building."

Paul Sutherland

We know this stuff. Research proves that nurturing our children from the 1st trimester to the 1st grade grows happy, kind, responsible, connected, and virtuous adults. We know that concentrating only on our children’s physical needs and physical health, nurturing wants over needs and possessions over virtues, emotional and social competencies and connection, creates adults that are neither “rich” nor happy. But resources are spent and lavished on those that make it to the top of the educational & achievement pyramid, and consumption, money, material wealth, and a competitive “more is better” mentality dominates the “successful life” narrative.

The purpose of Squaring the education Pyramid Institute is to highlight a narrative, create products, and services that are based on common sense, science, and ancient religious and spiritual wisdom that thinks ahead to what we should teach to children to end up with happy, empathetic adults who can create, nurture, sustain, manage, and lead a world that is built on love, compassion, peace, values, and choice, so that every child can grow up with the intellectual, emotions, co-operative, and relationship skills to succeed and flourish into and during adult life.


Our Mission


Squaring the Education Pyramid Institute’s mission is to create an environment where every child in Uganda and all over the world has the potential (unencumbered by a limited education) to be happy, flourish, grown in emotional intelligence, relationship intelligence, cooperative intelligence (grit, persistence, curiosity, optimism, executive functioning) and have the opportunity to acquire knowledge and be a loving learner with a growth mindset so the child can grow up solid in virtue and character to be a successful, responsible, caring adult. Success for children is a shared responsibility of all mature responsible, caring societies, and should not be dependent on place of birth, family of birth, income, tribe, nationality, religion, gender, parents, caregivers or ability.

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