Three common goals

STEPi Goal #1

Goal One

To create awareness, products, and a movement championing the importance of squaring the pyramid toward creating an education system that is based on using the science of brain development, early childhood studies, and the science behind positive education, positive psychology, emotional intelligence, cooperative intelligence, and relationship intelligence, unencumbered by the momentum that applies this science only to the rich, informed, educated, high income, high skilled few percent of the world's population.

We wish to cause a movement where the social, educational, and economic environment is aligned to allow more children to achieve emotional, relational, and co-operative intelligence skills so they can thrive as adults and “make it” to the land of choices. This means having the emotional intelligence and IQ intelligence to participate in higher education, or go directly into the workforce as a learning, creative, and productive employee or team member.

STEPi Goal #2

Goal Two

STEPi wishes to show why this is especially important in our world today, where we have extreme wealth and educational and skills concentrations. More importantly, we wish to create products, publications, toys, and creative media to build from the bottom up so our world does not keep losing generations to the current environment of indifference, exclusivity, and white paper after speech on the problem of the pyramid, which no one does anything about.

STEPi Goal #3

Goal Three

Analysis of the way resources are utilized and money is spent on education. You would infer that the world’s intention is to create a well educated “ruling / leadership class” to manage, lead, and lord over the rest of society. Communities that have a ruling leadership class tend to not be sustainable when it comes to providing a compassionate, loving, and just society for all the community's participants. It is better to have a squared pyramid where all community members are educated, emotional and relationally intelligent, and considered important. STEPi will create and promote practical hands-on workshops and publications, toys, videos, and such to provide tools to help create societies, communities, families, and environments where every child and their parents, caregivers, and community members can go to bed feeling safe, well fed, happy, and optimistic about their futures.

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