The science behind our work


Research proves that nurturing our children from the 1st trimester to the 1st grade grows happy, kind, responsible, and successful adults.

The 60-year “head start” study shows that supporting and nurturing communities, parents, and families from the child’s 1st trimester to the 1st grade reduces crime, drug abuse, divorce, unhealthy relationships, suicide, alcohol addiction, obesity, and incarceration. It also creates happier adults and children ready to learn and thrive when they enter school. The key to supporting our children is the body of evidence that points to these 6 foundational factors.


The 6 Foundational Factors



An intention to create and maintain a culture and environment where the child feels connected, valued, respected, loved, and where child’s talents and abilities are nurtured so the child can thrive physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally.



Safety – Physical; When the child's environment is safe for the child and caregivers. When the child gets plenty of rest, is fed healthy food, gets little or no “screen [TV/video/tablet] time,” and has regular visits to the doctor and is immunized.



Safety – Emotional; When the child's environment feels safe, warm, comforting, and is free from people, music, videos, or movies exhibiting anger, depression, drug and alcohol abuse, violent behaviors, or loud, negative music.




Connection to caring cooperative, loving, disciplined adults, whose intention is to create and maintain a culture and environment where the child feels connected, valued, respected, and loved. 



Caregiver resilience and support; “You can’t give it if you don’t have it.” The caregivers need support from their church, community, employer, family, and/or friends so they can concentrate on giving time to the child. Parenting and caring for children is full-time and takes time – there is no substitute for time and the caregiver needs others to help support him/her so they can give time to the child.



Caregiver education; Caregiver should be educated and have access to books, videos, classes, mentors, and other resources regarding child development, healthy living, and parenting.

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